64 energy Ltd win Eco & Green Deal Award

ECO & Green Deal National Installers of the year!

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64 energy LTD are the winners of the:

ECO & Green Deal National Installers of the year!  sponsored by the BBA.

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Bill Somerville looks after the 64 energy Network of ECO & GD accredited installers who deliver installations under successful carbon schemes that are managed and delivered to the utility Companies.

It’s also fantastic news for the Installation Division who install all eco measure and where needed support their network, helping to deliver any short fall if needed or where contractors need help working against strict timelines.

All of the above is a credit to everyone involved from installers to the back office team who help with the compliance and technical support to ensure everything that is delivered meets with the compliance required.

The Green Deal

The Green Deal is a new Government initiative to tackle climate change and reduce the UK’s carbon emissions. The scheme will revolutionise the energy efficiency of homes and businesses across the UK and put in place long-term solutions that will aid towards a sustainable future for the entire community.

So how does this innovative scheme work? The Green Deal allows property owners, landlords and tenants to finance a range of measures and improvements to make their property more energy efficient, with no up-front cost. The savings made on the property’s energy bills will then cover the repayments for the work carried out.

The Green Deal Assessment is the first and most crucial step in the Green Deal process. The assessment process will take in to account a number of factors to determine the current energy performance of your property and will give you all the impartial information you need to make an informed decision as to whether or not the Green Deal suits you. Your 64 Energy Green Deal Assessor will then put together a bespoke Green Deal Plan for your property, which outlines the suggested measures that should be installed to help you save money.

Once the installation process is complete, you will begin to pay back the cost of the measures financed by the Green Deal through your normal energy bill payments.

The 64 energy scheme currently delivers all works under ECO & GD, should any installers be looking for funding or support in GD plans 64 energy Ltd would  be happy to help.

Please contact Bill Somerville – bill@64energy.co.uk

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