Brexit: A guide to importing and exporting post brexit.

Preparing To Import From the EU After Brexit.

  1. Register for EORI
  2. Decide who will make import declarations
  3. Apply to make importing easier
  4. Setup duty deferment account
  5. Check duty rates for your products
  6. Check your labelling and licences

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Preparing to Export From the UK After Brexit.

  1. Register for EORI
  2. Check your importer is registered for EORI
  3. Decide who will make export declarations
  4. Decide if you want to use transit conventions
  5. Check duty rates for your goods
  6. Check labelling and licences
  7. Find out how changes to VAT will affect you
  8. Decide who will transport your goods

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Further Information

Seconded employees in Europe if no deal Brexit!

Transport For Goods By Road In The Event Of A ‘No Deal’ Brexit, Information For Hauliers.

For specific queries please contact us.

For more information we also recommend you visit the East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce ‘Brexit Hub