Business Blues: Find a cure for what ails you

Subject 1: CASH


Can you sleep at night? 

Do you go to bed exhausted and wake in the early hours, worried? 

Do you keep your problems stuffed in your pillow; do they sneak out in the darkness like Gremlins, whispering dreadful stories until they satisfy their need to feed on fright by waking you up?


You may be suffering from cash congestion.


If left untreated this can lead to impaired function, loss of concentration, restricted business nutrition, breakdown of relationships both business and family, loss of sales, loss of profits, loss of staff and loss of customers.

Finally, loss of a living.


Get started right now, you do not have a moment to lose.

You have spent many hours planning, working, networking, and building your business to where it is now. Don’t lose it because of the theft of your property by others.

Yes, you read it right; theft. If you have worked hard to provide goods or services to another, which you have delivered on time and in good order, to specification, you have a right to charge the agreed price or fee and you have a right to be paid on time and in accordance with your conditions of sale.

Anyone who delays in paying you, for no good reason, is borrowing your money without your permission. Anyone who fails to pay you what you are due for providing those goods or services (without good reason) is stealing your money.

Don’t let it get this far.

Making the sale

All of us who have been in business know the buzz of making a sale. The adrenaline rush that comes from success builds a need for more success and the desire to go out there and make more sales.

Excellent – get on with it, but for goodness sake don’t wear blinkers. Don’t get so hooked on the buzz of getting a signature on your order pad that you forget the basic principles.

Look after yourself

Make sure that your sales agreement complies with up-to-date legal advice – see a solicitor (ask us for a recommendation) –  and make sure that any agreement is signed before delivering the goods or services.

Clearly mark your invoices with your terms, and follow up your sale by keeping in touch: “Hello, you purchased a batch of our widgets last week, how are you getting on?” By keeping in touch and following up sales you are also giving your customer a chance to complain if they need to and giving yourself a chance to nip in the bud any problems.

Problems can cause barriers to payment and can cause blocks to further orders. By keeping in touch you are building a relationship with your customer, it’s harder to fail to pay someone you know and like.

Collecting your money

Don’t forget, it’s your money that you are seeking to collect. Make sure that you put systems in place that you stick to and that are fair and legal.

We can help.