Pierce Client Cherrytree Bakery Help Open School in Ethiopia

Pierce client Cherrytree Bakery takes pride in being an ethical and responsible business that cares for its people, and gives back to the local community and farther afield.


Shifo High School was officially opened on November 16th 2015 by Gary, Josh and Lydia Entwistle from Cherrytree Bakery

As a part of their own company corporate responsibility programme; Cherrytree Bakery donated funds directly to the Costa Foundation, specifically to fully-fund the new high school in its entirety. Their generous donation covered the cost of construction, equipment, extra-curriculum clubs and materials, water, sanitation and computers for a computer room planned for 2016.

Gary Entwistle, Director at Cherrytree Bakery said;


Our people are the lifeblood of our business and who we depend on every day to make our fantastic products. We strive to provide them with a safe working environment that supports productivity, dignity and self-esteem. As a local employer, we contribute positively to employment within the local community.

We are also aware of the risks and dangers posed to people in our global supply chain, and the other countries we source from, who can be at risk to exploitation and abuse. As a SEDEX member, we are committed to championing their cause within our own supply chain and continuously improving our own ethical performance, having a positive impact within our sphere of influence.

Local Community

We also give back to our local community, and as a member of Burnley Bondholders – a powerful network of local businesses – we are committed to promoting the town across the UK and encouraging investment. As such, we source supplies from local businesses where possible and many of our colleagues engage in local fund-raising events. We also engage with the local community through donations to local food banks and local schools.

Farther Afield

We also felt it was important to share our success in the coffee shop market with the communities that make this a reality. Our latest contribution has been the building of a high school in Shifo, Ethiopia, a remote coffee growing community without access to secondary education. As we are extremely passionate about growing communities and giving back, we are proud to have established a school which will have a direct and lasting impact for generations to come. Not only will thousands of people access secondary education for the first time, but there is a plethora of other life-changing benefits: Gender equality, HIV awareness and prevention, reduced child mortality rates (twice as likely to survive beyond the age of 5), 15% extra earnings for every year of secondary education, and 67% more likely to secure employment.


As populations continue to grow, global ecosystems and natural resources become ever more strained. We understand these issues and the need for sustainable business practice, and where ever possible, work to reduce our impact. We aim to minimise our waste, and also reduce our carbon footprint through smarter working and investing in renewable energy.

We also work with suppliers to support sustainable business practice and procurement through the use of responsible sourcing standards. A significant ingredient within our supply chain is palm oil, and although a vital part of the global economy, unrestrained and unregulated it can bring deforestation, habitat destruction and other devastating consequences to local environments. Therefore, we have made a commitment to only use RSPO-certified Palm Oil, and help make a small contribution to this global challenge.