Cloud Accounting Software

It seems such a short while since December 2014 when I last wrote an article about Cloud accounting software and now the question now is more likely to be when are you moving to the Cloud rather than if.



Over the last fifteen months Cloud Accounting Software has gained momentum and quite a number of our clients have taken the decision to move from the desktop accounting applications. Indeed here at Pierce we have also moved to the Cloud, both for our accounting software and all our Microsoft needs

There are obvious issues to take into account not least you need a good internet connection. Security, as always, is only as good as your password, but the Cloud is not really a mystery as you are probably already using the Cloud for banking, emails, social media etc.

Pierce online

Pierce have taken an independent approach to Cloud accounting software. Through a range of Cloud partners which cover a wide cross section of the market we can help you choose, setup and configure the best choice of software for your business. We are not tied in with one supplier.

All the Cloud accounting systems are capable of giving you up-to-date information at low cost.Bank feed, rules, and live reconciliation speed up the processing and give timely information.

Our online services team have been using the different software packages here at Pierce and so have a very good working knowledge of all of them.

We can help implement, train and give on-going support on what we feel are the five market leaders of Cloud accounting software:

Additional Package – Receiptbank

We also help train our clients to use ReceiptBank which allows you to scan in all your purchase invoices and it learns which VAT rate is applicable and the correct nominal code to which it should be allocated. There is no duplication as these purchases are then posted into the appropriate accounting package. One of the greatest benefits of this is being able to drill down in the software and view the scan of the original invoice rather than searching in paper files.

When to make the move?

Maybe the time is right for you now or shortly before you current software is due for renewal it may well be worth thinking, is it time for a change? Anyone with a laptop and access to the internet can take advantage of the Cloud and we are here ready to help you make that change.

For more information contact Margaret Scott on 01254 688100.