HMRC Employer Bulletin

HMRC Employer Bulletin

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HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) publishes the Employer Bulletin three  times a year to give employers and agents the latest information on topics and issues that may affect them.

It is in a handy, accessible format that you can either download and view or print off in magazine format if you do not want to read it on screen. The latest issues have been published in both PDF and RTF file formats. The Employer Bulletin provides pointers to new procedures and initiatives which may be of interest and contains direct links to more detailed information allowing you to explore topics further.

You can view the current and previous two issues of the Employer Bulletin below.

Latest issue – Download the latest issue of the Employer Bulletin (PDF 881K)

Latest issue – Download the latest issue of the Employer Bulletin (RTF 259K)

Download the April  2013 issue of the Employer Bulletin (PDF 1.1MB)

Download the April 2013 issue of the Employer Bulletin (RTF 335K)

Download the February 2013 issue of the Employer Bulletin (PDF 1.8MB)

Download the February 2013 issue of the Employer  Bulletin (RTF 224K)

As the Employer Bulletin is now only available online for the majority of employers, HMRC has introduced a facility where you can register to receive an email alert letting you know where and when the latest  edition is available. Why not register your details now?

Register for the employer  email alert service

Opening Employer Bulletin PDF files

To view the Employer Bulletin you need to use a PDF file viewer such as Adobe Reader, which is available to download free of charge from the Adobe website. If you are having any problems opening the Employer Bulletin, you should find that using the latest version of Adobe Reader  will resolve most issues.

Download the latest version of Adobe Reader from the Adobe website (Opens            new window)

Opening Employer Bulletin RTF files

RTF, or Rich Text Format, files can be open using most word processing          programs.