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From: Mark Maden-Wilkinson

Congratulations to Keith Ashworth-Lord

Keith Ashworth-Lord

on his interview with Kyle Caldwell in The Telegraph today.

Interview in The Telegraph

11:35AM BST 04 Jul 2014

Kyle Caldwell of the Daily Telegraph

British savers who want to tuck some money away with legendary investor Warren Buffett need deep pockets. The “A” shares in Berkshire Hathaway, which carry voting rights, cost £111,000.

But there is an alternative – the ConBrio Sanford DeLand UK Buffettology fund. It sounds like a gimmick, but this fund, which unashamedly aims to mimic Mr Buffett’s investment philosophy, buying firms with big brands and pricing power, has delivered the goods over the past three years. It has returned 55pc, almost double the 29pc return of the FTSE All Share.

Managed by Keith Ashworth-Lord, the fund aims to buy shares on the cheap and then hold them for several years.

“The glue that holds the philosophy together is that I want to buy firms whose management behaves like an owner of the business,” Mr Ashworth-Lord said.

Where is he finding value in the UK market, which has delivered stellar performance over the past five years?

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