John Everiss Design – local lad at The Chelsea Flower Show

by: Ben Smith

We were delighted when John Everiss, a local designer with a whole lot of talent came in and told us about his latest gardening design coup.

John has been selected to exhibit at The RHS Chelsea Flower Show to be held in May of this year. His exhibit ‘Reachout’ is sketched below.

20140110 REachout 3dPic



Sponsored by:  Newground (formerly Groundwork Pennine Lancashire) is a social enterprise, operating throughout the North of England and is a member of the Together Housing Group.  The company has been delivering environmental and community projects for over 20 years.

There is an opportunity for sponsors to join this project and those interested should contact Nick Riley at Newground. John Everiss stresses that in the interests of local growth and in the future of the planet, young people should be encouraged to go into the gardening and landscaping industry.

Potential sponsors should note that there will be in excess of 1,000 journalists at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show., the potential for publicity could be almost limitless.

Reachout is:designed and built  by John Everiss and Andrew Loudon (Andrew specialises in stunning dry stone walling)

The concept behind this garden evolved following a discussion with young people living within our Lancashire town.

A striking metal sculpture of a crouched figure leans against a slate wall. A hand dips into a nine metre long water channel, leading the figure through a series of stone columns that decrease in height and become smoother until they blend with the planting, demonstrating a young person’s journey into society and adulthood. There is a mass planting of thyme interspersed with domes of rosemary around the columns.

The site for this stunning display will be right next to none other than Gucci

Links to other John Everiss designs – below:

Below is John Everiss Design ‘Into the Light’ at RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park

20140110 John Everiss Design at RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park

Below – click on the video link to see an interview with John Everiss about his winning design ‘Wavedance’

20140110 WaveDance_main

RHS Interview (Video)

Sponsored byTropicana Designed byJohn Everiss Built by Bezza Nursery

Visionary gardens sponsored by Tropicana

Wave Dance captures the moment that a wave breaks on the shore, using a combination of modern materials in a contemporary style.

The centrepiece of the garden is a galvanised steel wave installation that is holding back a sea of mass lavender planting. A beach of cobbles leads to the shoreline planting of grasses, perennials and clipped topiary surrounding a slate breakwall.

Wave Dance has been designed to be dramatic and striking despite the simplicity of its plants and materials.

‘Inside Out’ another winner from John Everiss

20140110 Inside OUt