Pierce expert joins Fraud Advisory Panel

Jeremy Rowe, expert in forensic accountancy at Pierce, has joined a leading organisation which works to combat fraud in the UK.

The Fraud Advisory Panel is a registered charity and membership organisation which ‘acts as an independent voice and leader of the counter-fraud community in the UK.’

Established in 1998, it aims to bring together experts and organisations with an interest in preventing, detecting, investigating and prosecuting fraud. The panel also carries out research and training, advises the Government and businesses, and works to reform the law.

Jeremy Rowe, director at Pierce Forensic Ltd, said: “Fraud has a huge impact on the national economy, and it is important for businesses and decision-makers everywhere to take combating it seriously.

“Working in the forensic accountancy sector I am often called on to assist in fraud investigations and I know how important it is to fight against fraud. It can have a devastating impact on companies and employees whose jobs are put at risk.

“As a member of the Fraud Advisory Panel I will be well placed to offer expert advice in fraud investigations and further assist clients on their anti-fraud tactics.”