YouTube: Pierce Budget 2014 Presentation

We are delighted to launch our YouTube Channel today.

Following our 2014 Budget Presentation at The Dunkenhalgh Hotel our three YouTube star performers are:

Part One: John Green

Part Two: Anne Wilson

Part Three: Nadeem Hussain

The (as yet) unabridged content is below:

Filmed by Glasgows

View the Chancellors Budget Document in Full

2014 Chancellors Budget images

Extract from:

The government is taking decisions that will support businesses to invest, export, and create jobs – laying the foundations for sustainable economic growth. This Budget sets out the most radical reforms to saving for a generation, providing security for families to plan for their future. And it reduces taxes for hardworking people, while taking further steps to tackle tax avoidance.

The government’s long-term economic plan has protected the economy through a period of uncertainty and provided the foundations for the recovery. The economy is now growing faster than predicted and expectations for growth this year and next have also been revised up by the Office for Budget Responsibilty (OBR) – to 2.7% in 2014 and 2.3% in 2015. A record number of people are in work and the OBR now expects employment to reach 31.4 million by 2018. A deficit that reached 11% of GDP in 2009-10 is now forecast to fallen by half to 5.5% in the coming year and will be eradicated by 2018-19.

However, as the Chancellor outlined in his speech the job is not yet done, and further difficult decisions will be needed to continue reducing the deficit and debt.