Removing your home address from Companies House Records available to the public

The Companies Act 2006 requires companies House to make certain information regarding companies available to the public in order to improve transparency, this was achieved via the beta service which was launched in June 2015.

The beta service allows documents to be viewed online at the click of a button, the service has proved popular and company records are now more accessible than ever before. This does however mean that if a Company Director, Secretary, Shareholder or Person of Significant Control has ever shown their home address on a company document rather than using a service address this will also be available to the public.

If a company officer or member no longer wishes this information to be available to the public it is now possible to have the information removed from the document. This is achieved by obscuring the address on the document so that anybody viewing the document will not be able to see the address and is known as suppressing the information.

To have your information suppressed you must provide an alternative correspondence address if you are still appointed to a live company and will need to pay a fee of £55 per document you wish to have suppressed.

You are unable to remove your home address if you have used it as the company’s registered office or on any documents prior to 2003.

Currently the application form required to suppress information is not available online and needs to be requested by contacting Companies House directly.

If you require any further information in respect of suppressing your information please do not hesitate to contact our company secretarial department on 01254 688100 or