Business Support Services

How can Pierce help support your business, to ensure you have the freedom you need to run your business effectively.

As a business owner it is very easy to drown in legislation, changing regulation, day to day tasks such as IT and HR, all of which consumer time and energy taking your eye off your key focus – your business. If you are looking at developing and growing the business, you may find tasks become even more daunting.

That’s where Pierce can help, our business support services have been used by clients to allow them to concentrate on what they do best.

What do we offer?

  • Accounting assistance
  • Finance outsourcing
  • Management reporting
  • Company secretarial
  • Payroll
  • Business and strategic planning
  • IT systems and accounting software
  • Paul Warren

  • James King

    Jimmy King

    Managing Director
  • Ben Smith

  • John Corteen

    Associate Director
  • Simon Diggle

  • Gary Speak

    Gary Speak

    Associate Director
  • Jane Smith

    Jane Smith

    Associate Director
  • Mark Walmsley

    Associate Director
  • Tom Wilkinson

  • Katie Nicholson Taylor

  • Hazel Johnson

  • Daniel Burrows

  • Lewis Withnell

  • Muhammad Waqas UrRehman

  • Carl Connor

  • Jimmy Moore

  • Juliet Davies

  • Scott Hughes

  • Jonathan Seedall

  • Charlotte Haining

  • Stephen Evans

  • John Farnworth

  • David Barker

  • Tom Brassey

  • Steven Butler

    Steven Butler

  • John Duckett

    John Duckett

  • Peter Grady

    Peter Grady

  • Fred Green

  • Charles Hopkinson

  • Paul Moulding

    Paul Moulding

  • Greg Scott

  • Peter Sheard

    Peter Sheard

  • Linda Wilkinson

    Linda Wilkinson