Forensic services

Forensic Accounting is defined as the use and application of accountancy skills to legal matters and disputes.

As the first firm in Lancashire to establish a dedicated forensic accountancy department, we provide solicitors, and their clients with incisive, timely advice geared to the commercial reality of the matter.

Forensic accountants investigate and report on the financial aspects of cases which may ultimately result in them giving evidence in Court as Expert Witnesses.  Forensic accountants are required to have high level analytical skills and an ability to present information in a clear and unambiguous manner.  The Pierce team have demonstrated these skills through their involvement in a wide range of cases from relatively small personal injury cases through to multi-million pound commercial disputes.

Pierce Forensic Limited is headed by directors, John Green FCA and Jeremy Rowe FCA.

Please contact us if you have any matter you wish to discuss or if you want to know more about our Forensic Accountancy and Expert Witness services.

  • John Green

    Director and Chairman
  • Jeremy Rowe