Fraud Investigations

Fraud investigations can involve individual employees seeking personal benefit or alternatively commercial fraud whereby suppliers, customers or other organisations seek to benefit from the business.

We are experienced with getting to grips with the situation, investigating the financial records and collating the evidence required to identify fraudsters and the losses arising.

Jeremy Rowe is a member of the Fraud Advisory Panel.

Employee Theft

It is a sad fact of life that trusted employees can find themselves accused of theft. This is often a huge surprise to both colleagues and employers who simply cannot believe that someone they trusted has stolen from them.

Employee theft may start in a very small way perhaps initially with a mistake that may go unnoticed. Once the employee realises nobody has picked up on the initial loss they may be tempted to take or “borrow” a further small sum which then becomes a habit growing over time.

The impact on companies can be huge resulting in significant losses and serious financial difficulties for the business.

We are experienced in investigating such frauds, and reporting on the evidence to be used in support of criminal convictions.

Commercial Fraud

Commercial fraud occurs when a business is targeted by another business or individual with criminal intent.

Examples of such fraud may include false invoicing or inflated invoices. The supplier submitting such invoices may involve an employee of the target company to ensure the invoices are authorised. Alternatively a supplier may be passing off inferior products as something else. This can have a major impact where the product is then resold to a third party, a scenario we have advised on which involved a supplier to a retail chain.

We have experience in investigating the financial aspects of such cases both as experts within legal proceedings and directly for companies at the preliminary stage of the investigation. In some cases the company may wish to reach a settlement with the supplier to avoid commercial embarrassment.

  • John Green

    Director and Chairman
  • Jeremy Rowe