Trusts & Estates

The word trusts conjures up a world of Dickensian office clerks with quill pens sitting in dimly lit rooms! However in the modern world the use of trusts can offer solutions to families wishing to protect wealth and pass assets down the generations and are often used in wills to provide for minor children. We can deal with the preparation of trust accounts and tax returns, as well as advice on the use of trusts for inheritance tax planning and drawing up tax efficient wills which meet your own and your family’s needs.

We can also offer advice and assistance dealing with the tax liabilities arising during the administration of an estate.

Trust Planning

Trusts will always play an important part in any inheritance tax planning exercise however it should not be overlooked that trusts have other uses such as protecting family wealth, providing for vulnerable persons, and minor children.

We can provide trust planning advice to clients and liaise with their legal advisors in respect of both existing trusts and the creation of new trusts.

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