Top 3 Business Gadgets


Whilst the inclusion of a mobile telephone may seem an obvious choice for a list of top business gadgets, the latest smart phones are cable of multitasking for long periods of time, allowing the user to email, browse web pages, check stocks, preview documents, and watch videos. In short, it is the ultimate device for professionals that require a high level of functionality, combined with good looks, and speed for their business and personal lives.


While there are many Android powered tablets, the most popular tablet device is the iPad. Devices like the iPad are great for taking notes, displaying all kinds of documents and media and accessing the internet and e-mails. Not to mention the wide range of business apps which are available to download. However, tablets are not fully functioning computers, without the precision of a keyboard and mouse a lot of operations on tablet computers become tricky and cumbersome.

For those who prefer the functionality of a computer the new trend of ‘ultrabook’ laptop may be a suitable alternative. For those however who simply need to keep important documents on hand, check in with e-mails and occasional mobile computing a tablet device can be invaluable.

With Microsoft’s recent announcement of it’s Surface tablet, Windows 8 and the Metro user interface the tablet computing market is likely to get more interesting. And with more and more software moving to online delivery methods tablet computing may eventually change the way we all use computers.

For clients running Sage 50 Accounts 2012, don’t forget the free Sage app for smart phones and tablets which allows you to connect and enter data directly from your mobile device. Pierce are a Sage 50 Business Partner, for more information on this service please contact us. 

Worthy as a separate note is the Samsung Note smart phone with it’s 5.3” screen which positions it as a hybrid between a smart phone and tablet.


Experts believe 2012 will be the year of the ultrabook, quite simply ultrabooks are ultra thin, ultra light laptop computers but with enough power to replace your main computer. You may have seen the incredibly thin Apple MacBook Air; but models from HP’s Envy, Samsung’s Series 9 and the Dell XPS 13 are all now aimed at this high end market.

Sure, they are more expensive than a standard laptop but for those who want to combine some of the advantages that tablets offer such as small size, battery life and lightweight feel whilst still retaining all the performance of traditional computing, the ultrabook provides a premium alternative.

For the future

4G Enabled smart phone – forget patchy 3G, 4G will be super fast and (so they promise) super reliable bringing an end to current “not-spot” areas, but we’ll probably have to wait until next year, at the very earliest.