Tough Mudder

With Tough Mudder just over 4 months away the team has started to up their training and tailor their diets.

Elizabeth and Lewis have both done Accrington 10k, Fred has done Wigan half marathon, and Jonathan walked to the shops instead of driving. All making significant sacrifices to ensure they are at peak fitness.

Daniel is setting the pace on the diet front with his homemade pasta every lunch time, making sure he has the energy to put a shift in at the gym, while others apparently mistook ‘go to the gym as often as possible’ with ‘make sure you have a gin every night’.

All of the above will be wasted effort until the Virgin giving page has been finalised, the page will be complete within the next two weeks, and will be available to take donations directly.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support of both our charities, The Legacy Rainbow House and Theo’s Warriors, they are both worthy causes and all donations will go a long way in supporting them