Tweeting doesn’t make you a Twit, LinkedIn isn’t a fad

You can’t write anything on this subject without referring to Stephen Fry (user name @stephenfry) who is one of the most famous British Twitter users.

But, he’s show business, he’s popular, he’s bound to be followed. What about the rest of us what have we to say?

We are in the age of electronic communication, it’s unstoppable. It’s no use covering your ears with your hands whilst closing your eyes and muttering to yourself: “I’m not playing.”

If you don’t join in, you will be left behind – it’s as simple as that. But there’s so much of it out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Here are some quick tips:

  • Following others: It’s easy to build up a group of twitterers that you are interested in following. Eg. ask Twitter to list news channels, sports events or professionals – perhaps plumbers or accountants.
  • You could search for names that you know – just get started, you will know which buttons to press, honestly it’s easy.
  • Once you start to tweet you will find that you are attracting followers of your own. (don’t forget that you can also tweet from a smartphone app).

Join Twitter at:

Now, join LinkedIn


Joining is simple, just register for free. Getting started is even easier, just look up the name of someone you know and request to link with them.

Once they say yes, you then have access to the people that they electronically network with and can request an introduction or can click direct to each of these people and request to link with them. All the time that you are doing this you are building your network of business acquaintances.

  • You can give and receive recommendations.
  • You can join groups with mutual interests.
  • You have an electronic, cross border, networking calling card that will open doors for meetings, introductions and referrals.

Now, link your LinkedIn account with your Twitter account

By doing this, everything that you tweet, including re-tweets (copies of other users tweets), can be posted automatically onto your Linked-in account.  This refreshes it and keeps it interesting and gaining mentions when Linked-In post updates to members.

Your linked-in account will of course refer to your website which in turn will display your tweets.

Now then, I hear you say, we are going round in circles. Not really. We are all in business of one sort or another and we are all interested in the final analysis in selling our goods or services.

So, it’s all about business, even seemingly for a show business chap like Stephen Fry. See what he has to sell at:

Don’t stay awake at night worrying about all of this – we are here to help at: