Your Holiday Entitlement and Minimum Wage

by:  Lisa Kennery

Your Holiday Entitlement and Minimum Wage

The current Holiday entitlement is 28 days inclusive of bank holidays. For full timers 5days * 5.6 weeks.

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Working part-time

Part-time workers are also entitled to a minimum of 5.6 weeks of paid holiday each year, although this may amount to fewer actual days of paid holiday than a full-time worker would get.

A worker works 3 days a week, their leave is calculated by multiplying 3 by 5.6 which comes to 16.8 days of annual paid leave.

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For irregular hours worked or a complex situation you may want to look at the following website:

Please note any holiday entitlements calculated should be rounded up to the nearest half or complete day.

Your Minimum Wage Entitlement

Please be aware that the National Minimum Wage will be changing with effect from 1st October 2013.

 20130801 National Minimum Wage

The statutory rates will be as follows:

Aged 21 and over                                        £6.31

Aged 18-20 inclusive                                  £5.03

Aged 16-17 inclusive                                  £3.72

Apprentices under 19 or in 1st Year of apprenticeship                      £2.68

If we look after your payroll and the above new rates affect any of your employees and are to be amended accordingly please contact us with instructions via email or facsimile. Please also confirm the date when the amendments should be implemented.