National Apprenticeship Week 'Build the Future'

Published 7th February 2022

The National Apprenticeship Week brings together businesses and apprentices across the country to shine a light on the positive impact that apprenticeships make to individuals, businesses, and the wider economy. This year the theme is 'Build the Future'.

Let us introduce you to some of the 10 apprentices we currently have here at Pierce.

Emily Phelan

Emily Phelan - Payroll Team

Emily joined the Pierce payroll team in March 2020, just three weeks before the first lockdown began with no previous experience or knowledge in payroll or even working in an office environment!

Emily says: "Since starting my journey in March 2020, I have tremendously increased my confidence and have gained knowledge in many different areas. My apprenticeship hasn’t always been easy as I only completed 3 weeks in my new role before the first lockdown. This delayed my training significantly, I didn’t start building my clients up until a year in! Now I have 78 clients for who I process the payrolls weekly, fortnightly, and monthly and I am constantly learning new things with each.

Being an apprentice has really helped me as it has provided me with the opportunity to develop my knowledge within my career whilst gaining a new qualification. I have been pushed to look at all aspects of my work, not just payroll but also including a more recent project, creating new welcome packs for all new and prospective clients. Overall, my apprenticeship has really helped my development as I have been able to learn as I work by shadowing my teammates, training, and working towards my qualification."

Recently Emily was a finalist in the Regional Apprenticeship Awards and despite not winning this is a fantastic achievement given the abnormal circumstances of the last two years.

Lauren Myers

Lauren Myers - Marketing

Lauren also started her employment with Pierce in January 2020 primarily in the Administration team before enrolling in a Digital Marketing Apprenticeship with North Lancs Training Group and moving into a Marketing role in August 2021.

"The benefits of an apprenticeship are learning whilst working and the ability to fit the course around your working hours with on-the-job learning. The support I have received from both my tutor at North Lancs Training Group and the managers and Directors at Pierce has helped significantly.

When eventually I receive a recognised qualification at the end of the apprenticeship, this will improve my employability and earning potential with the option to move onto a further higher qualification if desired.

Alongside the Digital Marketing course, North Lancs Training Group works with you to improve your key skills such as Maths and English and with the use of various Microsoft applications such as Powerpoint and Word flowcharts, your IT skills. I have particularly enjoyed the research part of the course and topic discussions."

Georgia Culver

Georgia Culver - Accounts & Audit Team

Georgia originally became affiliated with Pierce in 2018, at that time she was an Accounting and Finance Student at Lancaster University. Georgia embarked upon various placements at Pierce in the ‘business services sector’ during breaks from university and fortunately, her hard work and enthusiasm was rewarded by Pierce by way of a training contract.

Starting as a trainee accountant in 2020 Georgia's current role involves working in the accounts and audit sector whilst striving towards the ACA qualification to become a chartered accountant.

"I am now halfway through my 3-year training contract and thoroughly enjoying the experience. I have found it a well-balanced apprenticeship that allows me to attend college in 3 monthly intervals. This allows a break from studying that can really benefit your ‘workplace’ learning (as well as enjoying a social life!).

I have found that the apprenticeship has been great for developing my knowledge and continues to ease my way into the accounting profession. In conjunction, Pierce has been very understanding and is well experienced to aid in my apprenticeship. Finding a balance between working full time and studying part-time has been manageable and I feel both capable and confident I am heading in the right direction."

Phil Johnson

Phil Johnson - Payroll Manager

Meet Phil Johnson, Payroll Manager:

"I joined Pierce in December 2013 as an apprentice in the payroll department. I was placed on a Level 2 Business & Admin apprenticeship with North Lancs Training Group, which took me 12 months to complete. After I had finished this initial qualification, Pierce put me through my Payroll Technician Certificate & then 3 years of a Foundation Degree in Payroll Management.

 In 2020, I was promoted to payroll manager, overseeing a team of 6 advisors. My role now includes supervising the performance of the department, onboarding new clients, and dealing with HMRC enquiries e.g., PAYE Reviews & National Minimum Wage Enquiries. More recently, my time has been spent auditing clients' Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough) claims."

To enquire about apprenticeship positions available please email Benefits include a new starter welcome park, hybrid and flexible working, and more!

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