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2020 has certainly had its challenges, as we approach the end of the year Pierce share their view on wellbeing in the workplace and how they empowered employees to look after their own health with the help of PH7.

At some point throughout everyone`s lifetime individuals are affected by depression or mental health. For many, the trigger point is usually a physical or emotional event such as losing someone close. Most individuals recognise when they are feeling low or depressed and learn to manage the situation which over a period of time return to full health. Some, however, need support and guidance to help them through a difficult period. We all handle stress in very different ways and each of us has varying thresholds. As individuals, we should understand and appreciate this of each other.

Having a healthy workforce will benefit your business: 

  1. Reduce absenteeism 
  2. Better Engagement 
  3. Increase Productivity
  4. Provide great morale
  5. Highest quality of service

People are recognised as the core of our business which is why we are focusing on health and wellbeing. Our average length of service is 15 years, a proud achievement that we would like to sustain. Working in partnership with PH7 Pierce have implemented a wellbeing team.

The wellbeing champions volunteered to provide a support framework for staff.  The team received initial training followed by regular updates and support.  They are available should any of our staff wish to talk to someone outside of their management structure. The team have begun to organise events to encourage a healthy lifestyle such as a walking group.

When it became apparent that working from home would continue for some time we carried out working from home assessments to ensure staff had a comfortable setup at home and provided stretch and mobilisation sessions. This session is now held every Friday for those wishing to participate as a group. Socialising with colleagues really helps to build and secure relationships we, therefore, encourage all staff to take part in our fun activities. 2020 has been restricted somewhat but we have managed organise events such as :

  • Quiz nights
  • Drive-in Cinema
  • Bingo

Pierce now have a health policy with PH7 which has proven to be a success with our organisation. Having an external third party to refer staff to is so important. We have experts available to refer staff to should they need. 

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