Hybrid working: making flexible working the default

Meet the Presenters

(Top left: Claire Haworth, Napthens, top right: Jess Richards, Napthens, bottom left: Lisa Kennery, Pierce, bottom right: Dominic Ball, Pierce)


A FREE webinar taking place on Tuesday 27th September from 8.30 am

In the wake of the COVID pandemic, hybrid working is considered by both employers and employees alike to be the new 'norm', but what are the legal implications of hybrid working and how do you implement and maintain a successful and long-term hybrid-working model?

In this webinar, Napthens LLP will guide you through the process and pitfalls and, in particular, will cover the following key areas:


Rising inflation coupled with labour shortages across key industries means many businesses will be facing rising employee costs in a competitive market. We will explore some of the ways businesses are seeking to differentiate their employee packages to attract, retain and reward the best people. Hybrid working is one of many options however what else can you offer as employers to make your packages attractive?

Pierce Advisory and Accountancy Group will cover the following:

This is a joint event between Napthens LLP and Pierce Advisory & Accountancy Group. Your details and data will be shared amongst these stated parties for the purposes of the event.

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