Asset Protection

Working hard to make your business a success is any entrepreneurs ultimate goal, however once this is achieved, it is key to protect yourself and your business.

We will work with you to plan the best structure for your business and assets and to ensure that all of your hard work is properly protected.

What you may have at risk? 

Your assets may be in the form of:

  • cash;
  • investments; 
  • land and property;
  • plant and machinery; and
  • Intellectual property such as licenses, trademarks and patents

Forming a holding company to reduce this risk is a potential solution to best protect your surplus assets. 

What is a Holding Company? 

A new company is formed to buy and own shares in the existing company. The Holding company does not trade, produce goods or provide services in its own right. It would usually own the surplus assets used by its subsidiaries. You may also hear this referred to as "Parent Company". 

You may wish to structure the business further to separate out parts of the business that offer different services in order to reduce overall "risk". This would mean that the holding company would have more than one subsidiary and would best protect the group surplus assets and the groups trade. 

Personal risk 

You may still trade as a sole trader, partnership or LLP which carries personal risk. You may wish to speak with us to discuss the possibility of incorporating your business and trading through a limited liability company to reduce risk. There are also tax matters to consider.

Treasure Chest

A holding company can provide the following benefits:

  • Best protection of your assets; 
  • Reduces risk;
  • Creates flexibility within a group structure
  • Provide a framework for future acquisitions and growth, and
  • Tax efficiency.

There are many considerations before proceeding with such a reorganisation, please do speak to one of our specialist advisors to consider and plan accordingly.

We can provide the knowledge and experience from a commercial and tax perspective and, where required, suggest a suitable solicitor who we can work with to deal with any legal documentation required.

Whether it be through the creation of a holding company or other asset protection planning we can assist in finding your most appropriate corporate structure. 

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