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At Pierce we perceive an audit as an opportunity, rather than a necessity or a threat to your business.

We have a dedicated audit team with wide-ranging experience in statutory audit work with an emphasis on a "value-added" approach.

We will make the audit process a positive one for your business in addition to ensuring that you meet the required regulatory requirements.

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At Pierce we apply a commercial approach whilst ensuring, through our specialist audit team, a high-quality robust audit, whether this is a compulsory or voluntary assignment.

From providing expert corporate audit services, to meeting small business audit requirements, our audit and assurance service is second to none.

We work with you to set an audit timetable for an efficient audit, minimising the impact on your business and your team.  We recognise that the continuity of audit teams is important for an efficient audit also.

Our staff undergo continuous training and development to remain fully up to date with the regulations.

We will review your financial controls and systems to help you identify and minimise risk, and will endeavour to add value to audit and assurance processes.

Our experience of various sectors and industries enables us to assess your business and its performance in a wider context.

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“We take a proactive stance to audit whilst ensuring that your financial information is reliable”.

Voluntary Audit

If you are not required by law to have an audit, do not rule it out without first considering the benefits that it brings.

It is a myth that there are no commercial benefits to an audit of your accounts.  The commercial benefits are numerous and can make a difference in the continued growth and existence of the business. 

Benefits include:

  • The credibility of the accounts will be increased to all users of the accounts
  • Banks and funders regularly insist on an audit and the audit can increase your chances of funding and business growth
  • Owners of businesses can gain assurance from the audit, particularly when they are separate from the management
  • A good credit rating is important to open credit accounts and to win new customers or tenders.  The audit can increase your credit rating and the confidence in your accounts and health of the business
  • If you are considering a sale in the medium term, then an audit adds credibility for the purchaser and can reduce the due diligence required at a later date.

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