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What is a business strategy and why is it important?

A business strategy is a plan of action put in place to help businesses achieve their goals and guide the decision-making processes.  A business strategy is important for a number of reasons such as; offering guidance, identifying opportunities, creating a direction and gaining a competitive advantage. You wouldn’t get in your car without a clear idea as to where you want to go, so why would you not have a clear direction for where you want to drive your business?

However, having a good business strategy makes all the difference. An effective business strategy serves as a guide for all different aspects of the business from hiring new staff to marketing your services. A good business strategy will ensure that everybody is working towards the right goal.

A good business strategy can make the difference between corporate success and failure.

We have worked with many clients’ to develop, measure and challenge their strategy for success by offering a range of business strategy planning services. There are some key steps that successful businesses follow when developing and measuring their business strategy which our expert team of business strategy advisors can help you with.



Need business strategy advice?

Unlike many of our competitors, we are independent and therefore not only work with clients but share the challenge with our own business. 

Growing a business has many facets, staffing strategy, marketing strategy, systemisation, harmonisation of the business, training and marketing. Nothing can replace first-hand experience.

Our expertise and experience allows us to recognise the key steps to successful growth strategy and how to put this into practice for our clients. 

We value the relationship we have with our clients, that's why we actively dedicate time for creating a trusted relationship with our clients.  When creating  a strategy for the future we have the experience and trust needed to help clients achieve their goals and much more. 

Our expert team have worked with a variety of businesses from SMEs, start-ups, family-run to large corporate businesses. Whatever the size or turnover, not having a successful business strategy or thinking long-term can keep any business small. 

If you are ready to grow your business, speak to one of our Business Growth specialists today for your free consultation.

How to make a good business strategy?

  • The first step to take when creating a business strategy is to identify what success looks like for the business, for the business owner and for individuals involved in the business. It is important to think of this over a reasonable time frame, we advise five years.
  • It is important to then set out a road map to achieve this which includes key milestones and clear projects that require delivery in order to achieve success.
  • Involve as many relevant people as possible in the strategy development process including managers, accountants and stakeholders. This is important for the following reasons: 
    Not everyone can see the same potential or problems within the business.
    Accountants can provide a broader insight from other industries they have knowledge and experience in. 
    By giving all stakeholders part in the strategy development at an early stage any objections or obvious mistakes can be more easily discovered and challenged. This increases the likelihood of a more effective strategy being developed.
  • Once the strategy has been created make sure to capture them in a formal document. It is too easy once these sessions are complete to congratulate each other on the success of the day and then to go back and do the same thing as before. Without this formal document, the strategy remains intangible and nebulous. With it, the strategy becomes a defining part of the business for it to be measured against over time. 

5. Once the document has been completed the key stakeholders in the business need to meet every six months to review and measure the success of the strategy. Over that time the dynamics of the business or its markets may or may not have changed but in any event, it is important that the progress of the actions plans developed is measured in an objective way against previous expectations and if necessary the overall strategy revised.

What makes a good business strategy?

  • Having a clear picture of what success looks like
  • A clear definition of your targets and goals
  • Planning for the long-term
  • Pre-year end planning
  • Asset protection
  • Budgeting and forecasting to aid decision making
  • Setting a reasonable time frame to achieve your goals
  • Having a good relationship with your business strategy advisor
  • Identifies your unique value proposition
  • Gives you a competitive advantage

How to evaluate a business strategy.

When evaluating an existing business strategy it is important to take a structured approach.

  • Think about your location for the meeting, will you be disturbed easily?
  • Are all the key members or personnel involved present in the meeting?
  • How can you limit the amount of background noise to enable you to focus on the strategy?
  • Once you have set the right environment it is important to take a look at your strategy closely and decide whether it currently meets your clients needs. 

We recommend re-evaluating your business strategy every 6 to 12 months. First take external factors into account, like trends and market conditions. Next, reevaluate your corporate strategies by assessing your existing business plan and aligning with these external factors. 

  1. Current business objectives - are they appropriate?
  2. Company policies and plans - are they appropriate?
  3. Do the results to date match what you want from your strategy?

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