YOLO Wellbeing Experience

Published 17th January 2022

As a company, we are committed to the well-being of our employees and work closely with YOLO Wellbeing.

On Thursday 9th December, Cheryle, Director of YOLO visited our offices in her beautifully converted van to provide a 15-minute well-being experience to staff.

Stepping into the van transports you straight into a warm, relaxing salon-style decorated room with mood lighting to help you relax. A sensory video of your choice is played on the tv whilst Cheryle commences a 15-minute massage of the head and shoulders, targeting any tension she comes across. 

It is easy to forget where you are and any stress you may have had in this mobile calm space.

Following the experience, staff was asked for feedback:

All enjoyed the experience and felt relaxed with some requesting longer sessions! With this fantastic feedback, we are continuing to offer this reward to our employees on a quarterly basis.

If you would like to provide this experience for your employees, take a look at the YOLO wellbeing website https://yolowellbeing.co.uk/

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