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Filing of your Accounts

If the coronavirus has affected your business and as a result, you are unable to file your accounts by the filing deadline you may apply for an extension.

It is important that the request for an extension is made before the filing deadline, as requests made after will not be considered. If you do not apply for an extension and your accounts are filed late, a late filing penalty will automatically be charged.

Requests for filing extensions will be considered by Companies House on a case by case basis. The appeals made in relation to the Coronavirus will be considered under the same policies that Companies House hold in relation to appeals based on unseen poor health.

Applications to extend your accounts filing deadline may be made online or by post and must include the company number, email address, information as to why you require more time to file the accounts and any documents that you may have to support your appeal. Companies House may request more information if required.

Companies House aim to review any applications within 5 working days and if accepted you are usually granted an extension of 3 months.

How to apply

You`ll need:
• the company number
• an email address
• information about your extension reasons
• any documents that support your application (optional)

Apply now via Companies House or Please contact us for assistance in requesting an extension if required.

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