R&D Tax Credits - Are you missing out?

Join our Research & Development (R&D) specialist Tom Wilkinson for our live webinar on the 25th August at 9.30am via Zoom.

Many businesses are unaware that their activities include R&D which qualifies for enhanced tax relief under the R&D tax credits scheme. Tom will be discussing the benefits of making a claim for R&D tax credits and explaining what expenditure will qualify for relief.

R&D tax credits can lead to significant corporation tax savings or cash repayable credits from HM Revenue & Customs. Qualifying activities can include making bespoke products, product development and changes to production techniques and processes.

It is staggering how many eligible businesses there are out there who are not making a claim for R&D tax credits. Part of this is due to poor or non-existent professional advice, but a key factor is that of the awareness of the legislation with is much broader than many realise. HMRC still believe that most eligible businesses are still not making a claim for R&D.

This is a free online event and you can register your interest to join this  Zoom webinar by contacting Lisa Kennery at l.kennery@pierce.co.uk or booking via Eventbrite.

Following this session, we will be offering a FREE initial consultation to assess how your business could benefit. 

You can download the Zoom app here.

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