Innovation During Isolation

Published 10th June 2020

The challenges caused by COVID-19 are far and wide and the impact on IT operations cannot be overstated, more so in businesses where the IT systems underpin customers’ services.

We expect in the coming weeks organisations will begin to move focus from remote worker productivity to adapting to longer-term change in customer behaviour resulting in a surge in new digital initiatives. 

Solutions to help with remote worker productivity can be more prescriptive with key technologies like Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype all coming to the fore in recent weeks but adapting to the change in customer behaviour will be more problematic. 

Widely used, off-the-shelf packages, such as Microsoft Office 365 embrace significant features, generally available at little or no additional cost, so consider reviewing these with your IT provider. 

Businesses subscribing to Cloud accounting packages have access to a wide ecosystem of integrations and add-ons, at the simplest level, invoice recognition can reduce the need to rely on paper documents. 

Cloud solutions are a logical option in the current environment and speed of deployment and low upfront cost make them ideal. 

Whether new initiatives are best served through Cloud platforms or on-premises investments; and whether that can be done with existing resources or needs new; we’re happy to help.

External outsourcing is more relevant now than ever to cover skill shortages or time constraints. We are always here to talk, whether as a friendly voice to share our own experiences, or as part of a more formal engagement.

For existing and potential new customers, we are committed to supporting them more than ever.

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