The Rise of HMRC Investigations: Navigating the Storm with Our Tax Investigation Service

Published 30th August 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic for most is a distant memory and despite all seeming to have returned to normality, the impact on the global economy is taking longer to recover.  As a result of providing COVID relief to businesses, there has been a significant increase in HMRC investigations that has intensified further throughout 2023.

Why the increase in investigations?

In the year 2022 alone, HMRC opened 265,000 investigations into taxpayers and has increased their compliance activity in 2023 to recoup the funds expended in the pandemic with the influence of HMRC's 'Connect'.  Ranging from standard VAT or PAYE assessments to comprehensive evaluations of individual financial matters, HMRC's authority to scrutinise business records, carry out unscheduled site visits, and investigate matters going back up to twenty years has become more pronounced.

The Risk and Stress of An Investigation

Being the focal point of a tax inquiry can bring about disruption, invasiveness, stress, and eventually financial strain.  Even if you have done nothing wrong, many tax enquiries are conducted at random.

A comprehensive examination can entail prolonged exchanges with HMRC, some spanning more than two years so if you receive any correspondence from HMRC regarding an investigation into your tax affairs or a compliance visit it is important that you speak with your adviser as soon as possible to ensure that you receive the correct advice and obtain the best possible outcome.

Our Tax Investigation Service

At Pierce, we provide a tax investigation service providing:

For any help and advice please contact the tax team on 01254 688100.

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