Why We Do What We Do

Published 15th February 2021

In this article Collin Bell at Peak Performance Consultancy discusses why we do what we do 

Why We Do What We Do

I don’t profess to have the answer for that, particularly how it relates to us all individually, but I do the work concerned to try and better understand what drives my personal beliefs and behaviours.

In looking at work in/around either performance or productivity (sometimes both), there are several major drivers when it comes to human behaviour:

- Self-interest: How does it serve the person?

- Status: How does it improve their standing?

- Convenience: What is the path of least resistance?

- Signalling: What does it signal to others?

- Social norms: How does it help them fit in?

Although I am not a fan of standardisations or generalisation, any/all of these are likely to be considerations or questions that you have asked regarding better understanding your situation, or seeking to change or improve it.

** Disclaimer: The opinions and ideas shared in this article are based on my own study, personal experience on those of the 100’s of clients that I have worked with.

I am not a doctor, and none of the information above is intended as medical advice or offered as professional 121 coachings or consultation.

Following a 10-year career in the digital media industry, with roles including eBusiness Manager, Head of Online, and Private Consultant, Colin Bell transitioned to the Personal Development and Sports Performance Sector.

Now devising and delivering bespoke coaching and consultative services to a global client base, providing both online and in-person solutions. Working with academic institutions, businesses, individuals and sports teams.

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