Pierce’s innovative client crowned Clean Tech Company of the year.

Published 5th May 2021

Pierce’s innovative client crowned Clean Tech Company of the year.

Pierce is extremely proud to announce that one of their valued clients, Alchemie Technology, has recently won the Clean Tech Company of the year award; at the Cambridge Independent Science and Technology awards.

Alchemie Technology, based in Cambridgeshire, were announced the winners at a virtual ceremony that took place in a bespoke interactive environment and was attended by leaders of businesses, organisations, and research institutes across the region. Alchemie was shortlisted for two awards, the Covid-19 response award and Clean Tech company of the year; which they were crowned the winners of on the night.

Tom Wilkinson, Director of Pierce states that the relationship between Pierce and Alchemie Technology started around the company’s inception in 2013. The firm has continued to work in an advisory capacity to date, providing a range of financial-based advisory services from compliance and taxation matters, to more salient commercial advice.

Tom adds that the relationship between Pierce and Alchemie is very strong and he was extremely proud when he heard the news of their award win.

“We are always pleased to hear positive news about our clients and such news is even more pleasing considering the operational challenges of the past twelve months. It is great to see entrepreneurship and innovative thinking at its best at Alchemie’’.

Alchemie Technology offers next-generation textile production processes that will be radically more efficient, less costly, and more sustainable by using advanced digital manufacturing technology. Their breakthrough digital dyeing and finishing technology deliver a dramatic reduction in energy consumption by 85%!

Dr Simon Kew, Managing Director of Alchemie Technology added “By creating disruptive technology that has benefits for the environment, as well as delivering lower manufacturing costs and a sustainability competitive advantage, we’re seeing strong market interest from brands and manufacturers”

Their advanced cleantech Endeavour Smart Waterless Dyeing process and Novara Precision Digital coating technologies, are delivering the future of textile processes that radically reduce the environmental impact, and can be used to address the urgent need for textiles that minimise transmission of viruses.

Dr. Alan Hudd, Chairman of Alchemie Technology said “We are delighted to receive the Cambridge Independent, Science & Technology award, Cleantech Company of the Year. Alchemie’s Waterless Smart Dyeing Technology is reducing the environmental impact of one of the worst polluting industries globally; textile dyeing and finishing. There is an urgent need for action on the part of brands and manufacturers to work together to reduce CO2 emissions and eliminate polluting processes. We thank Woodfines Solicitors for supporting clean technology and raising awareness of important climate issues.”

The new technology platform which Alchemie has developed is very current and has huge potential to change their industry forever!

Manufacturing, Science, and Technology is an industry Pierce support heavily and Tom Wilkinson, amongst other duties, also heads up the firm's R&D tax credits offering and advises an array of innovative businesses.

Tom added ‘’Alchemie’s award is also a testament to the firm’s client base and we are proud to be associated and support such businesses.’’

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