Why Apprenticeships Are Paving The Future

Published 9th February 2023

Traditionally an apprenticeship has been and still is linked with tradesmen however an apprenticeship within the professional sector is a fantastic way into a career and has benefits to both employers and employees.

For an employer, apprenticeships lead to an increase in productivity and improved retention of staff whilst the employee has the benefit of workplace experience and earnings throughout the course.

At Pierce, we are advocates for apprenticeships and currently have ten employees learning. Meet three of our apprentices below.

Layton Smalley - Payroll Advisor

Layton has been in the Pierce Payroll Team since 2016 and soon after commencing his employment began a Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship with North Lancs Training Group (NLTG). During the course, a tutor from NLTG visited Layton at the Pierce offices to provide support and complete assignments. 

Since completing the apprenticeship, Layton has become an ambassador for the North West Apprentice Ambassador Network (NWAAN), guiding and helping young people integrate into an apprenticeship through the organisation of events and training sessions. These events are also great opportunities for young people to network and open communication with other apprentices and employers.

Layton is proud to be the Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) Board Lead of NWAAN, successfully creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for apprentices who are from a D&I background and listening to the issues they may face.

Not only an ambassador for NWAAN, Layton is also an apprentice ambassador for Lancashire Skills Pledge, and as a business, we are committed to 7 out of the 8 pledges including "Give An Hour", "Be An Enterprise Advisor" and "Take On An Apprentice". 


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Meet Hannah - Accounts and Audit

Hannah is working through an ACA Apprenticeship to become a qualified accountant and is a treasurer for Lancashire Junior Professionals.


Meet Callum - Accounts and Audit

Callum is a member of the accounts and audit team and joined Pierce straight from completing his A-Levels choosing to do his ACA qualification through an apprenticeship.  

Preferring to learn via a hands-on experience as opposed to a classroom environment, Callum felt that having no prior job experience may work against him however a key benefit of an apprenticeship is the ability to complete the qualification in a "real" working office.

Having quickly gained knowledge and skills over the last 19 months, Callum is now supporting newer apprentices to the firm with great empathy having been in their position. The apprenticeship has provided Callum with the ability to be flexible and adapt within his role by managing his own workload whilst training new members of staff.

Please contact us if you would like to speak to us about an apprenticeship.

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