Is your business ready to sell?

Attention Business Owner

Is your business ready to sell?

The Corporate Finance Team here at Pierce Accountants can help business owners realise their investment through a successful sale.

We have specialist expertise in selling businesses that are:

  • Family-owned

  • 10 years or older

  • Of between £5m - £30m turnover

Business owners choose us because they need an expert to help through the business sale process, we:

  1. Help prepare their business ready for sale

  2. Maximise their business value and recognise asset value

  3. Find and attract the best buyers

  4. Selling your business is not a simple process and should commence in advance of seeking a purchaser in order to obtain the best deal.


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If you want to know if your business is ready to sell use our free business-sale scorecard to find out in under 2 minutes.

  • The questions have been written for owners to answer quickly and easily.

  • Your report will be tailored to your answers and provide an free and instant action plan of where to focus in order to maximise the sale price of your business

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