Growth Funding Options

Published 18th November 2022

A key component for any growing business is to ensure that you find the ideal funding solution to create a solid foundation for long-term growth.

The first consideration for funding is personal savings. Whilst the key advantage is you know the amount of money available, ultimately the limited funds will stifle growth and delay innovation.

Companies have access to a variety of high-street debt funding solutions whether in the form of loans or alternative asset-based solutions, where the level of funding is based on the underlying value of the assets.
The high-street debt market has been disrupted in recent years by independent debt funds that focus their lending on the underlying business and cash. The benefit of this type of debt funding is that it is not dependent on asset backing, it provides funding solutions based on the business plan and cash generation, resulting in capital to grow and accelerate development.

Over the last decade, we have seen an expansion of the number of private equity, venture capital, and family offices looking to invest in and support entrepreneurial businesses of all sizes. Whilst an investor will take an equity stake in the share capital, they have an explicit desire to fuel business growth, ultimately making the retained shareholding significantly more valuable.

Despite the recent economic challenges, the funding market remains buoyant for growing businesses. The Pierce Corporate Finance team has a wealth of experience in assisting growing businesses by helping our clients secure the most appropriate funding solution for their requirements. Contact the team today to explore your options.

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